The history of Fontecabras water goes hand in hand with the history of Jaraba. It is on April 15, 1873 when the “Jaraba waters” appear in the “Review of all the springs that exist in Spain, declared of public utility” and in 1888 when the water from the “San Antonio” spring, later called “Fontecabras ” was declared of public utility with mining-medicinal properties.

Since 1997, the use of the waters of the “Fontecabras” spring has been property of the company Manantiales del Piedra SAU, which markets the water under the same name as its “FONTECABRAS” spring.

Each bottled drop of Fontecabras water descends, on a long journey that can take more than 50 years, to a spring more than 500 meters deep, located in a protected environment, where it is isolated from contamination. Natural filtration lasting more than 50 years

During that time, little by little, it receives the minerals necessary for life.

Finally, it emerges, with temperatures ranging between 18 and 31 degrees, to be bottled immediately, without altering its characteristics, offering us unique benefits and properties.

Fontecabras has different certifications: IFS, BRC and FSSC 22000 that guarantee the quality and safety of its processes and products; It continually works on CSR and has the SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF ARAGON (RSA) seal from Aragón Empresa, which recognizes its ethical, social and environmental commitment.

Manantiales del Piedra is also a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. supporting the ten principles of the Pact and the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) referring to human rights, labor rights, the environment and the fight against corruption, which enjoy universal consensus.

In addition, Fontecabras water has some international awards that enhance its quality and flavor: 2 Gold Stars Superior Taste Awards 2019, Gourmet Water Diploma at the I CONCOURS INTERNATIONAL DES EAUX held in Paris, Bronze Medal Termatalia 2015

Fontecabras is committed to innovation and the "eco-design" of its bottles, achieving 0.5l in its packaging. premium eco, the most sustainable format, made up to 50% with recycled PET from other bottles.

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